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As much as we are committed to providing good services, our customers should be supportive and adhere to our company’s policy. We also seek to give our customers a smooth riding while working with us. For this reason, there are some things that they should understand and comply with.

Here are some of the things that our customers should understand:

24/7 online availability

We are a service that works 24/7 to ensure our customers are attended to. A customer calls in will be attended to by one of our support staff. This has enabled us to become one of the most reliable companies to work with. However, technical hitches cannot be ignored. There are times when our site encounters technical problems. There are technical hitches that can be solved by our excellent team while others become just impossible. In case of these problems, our team or the company will not be liable for any damages caused to our customers.

Timely delivery of ordered papers

There is no time a customer will fail to get a paper past the deadline. Our writers work day and night to ensure papers are delivered on time. Once a paper is completed, delivery is done through the email. Customers always provide their emails when filling the order form. For this reason, we always ask our customers to double check their details before submission.  A customer’s email is stored properly to avoid any forms of fraud or hacking. Customers who provide correct emails get their papers on time. However we have cases where the email provided was incorrect, writers end up sending to the wrong recipient. The recipients on the other hand mark our email as spam blocking the communication.  The original customers end up not getting their papers after all. When this happens, we will not be responsible for the consequences.

Use of papers

Our work is to write for students. We write papers from different kinds of topics and field and deliver to students. Besides this, we offer free samples for our students to use for their writing tasks. Our customers are strictly advised to use our papers as reference for research purposes. Once we deliver the assignment, it is up to the customers to do what they wish with their papers. We will not be responsible for any decisions made after we deliver your paper. We play our part and follow rules and regulations of writing.