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How do I place my order?

Once you are on our site, press the order button. A page with an order application form will pop out. Fill the order form and ensure all the personal and other details are correct. Double check the details before submitting your order form. We will receive your order and respond back with a notification to your email. Relax, as our writers work on your paper.

Which services do you offer?

We are a complete essay writing service. We offer assistance beginning with different essay types such as narrative, argumentative among others. Have a problem in research and term papers? We will solve it. We also offer help in term paper writing, college papers and coursework.

Do I have the right to choose my own writer?

Customers are free to pick on any writer to handle their paper. Using our toll free lines, customers can call to choose the writer they need to handle their paper.

When do I get my paper?

Anyone who places an order will be delivered the paper within the set deadlines. We are keen to observe the deadline since we know the consequences students can face due to late submission.

How do I get my paper?

Once writers are through with the writing process and it’s approved, papers are sending is done via email. On checking your email, you can download your attachment.

How can I check work on progress?

Since requirements and instructions tend to change, we make it possible for our customers to view a paper before it is completed. We send work in a preview mode for our customers to check through. Once you approve, our writers go through the paper once more before it is delivered.

Can I have my paper revised?

Yes, if not satisfied with the quality of the paper, you are free to resubmit it for revision. Writers will perform a series of revisions and resend the work until you are satisfied. However if you already approved the paper and request for revision, you will pay extra charges. The period of approval is always 7 days. Within this period, any request for revision will be done free.

Do you have a privacy policy in place? I fear for my personal information.

We have put a privacy policy to secure customers private information. Our payment system is highly secured; our writers do not get to see the real name of the customers. Each customer is assigned a number with which he or she uses throughout the process. Writers and support staffs are prohibited from manipulation of data. In case this happens it amounts to immediate contract termination.