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Money Back Guarantee

As being one of the most reputed writing service, we ensure to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We are happy to say that most of our customers are pleased with the orders that we finish. But there will be times that some customers require to get a refund on rare instances. There are many writing services that do promise to give money back but only a few like us outline the details about money back policy. Below are the details that you need to know about this policy.

There are two main things about this policy. These are:

To get refund before the approval of the order
To get refund after the order has been approved

Refund before approval of the order

You can expect to get a full refund if:

You asked for the order to be cancelled right before it a writer is assigned to it.
You incurred an error while making a payment.
You submitted an order yet there is no proper writer that can complete it.
We fail to finish the order on the deadline and finishing is useless as you do not need it any more.

You can get 70% of the refund if:

You choose to cancel the order that is already in progress and less than half of the time has already passed from the set deadline.

Get 50% refund if:

You opt to cancel the order that has already been started and more than half of the time has passed from the set deadline.
We are not able to find the most appropriate writer to revise the paper.

Portion of the refund will be given if:

We finished the paper after the deadline and you still need it. The variable part of the refund is for the late delivery of the order.
The quality of the completed order is not enough. Asking for revision is free. You can even ask for the order to be revised by another writer.

Refund after the approval of order

After the order has been approve, you will be give 14 days to asked for revisions. Unlimited revisions are offered without extra cost. If after 14 days, no changes have been made, it will automatically mark as ‘Approved’ by the system.

  • After the 14 day period upon the order completion, even if the status of the order has been approved, you will still be provided another 7 days to ask for revision. We advise that you refrain from hitting the ‘Approve’ button if you are not satisfied with the order.