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Privacy Policy

Below are more details that you need to further explain our privacy policy. This is regarding with the personal information that we acquire when you visit our site and when you place an order.

Such information will be utilized to improve the contents of our page, content customization and also the page layout. We do not rent, sell or even share any of the information the site collects with any third parties.

Details we acquire when you visit or browse our site

The web server that we use will automatically gather the standard information that you have like browser type, OS, access time and IP address.

There will be times when we use cookies that will customize our content on the web page that will depend on your browser type and other anonymous information.

Optional use of information

There might be a need for you to input some details like name, email address and other details on some web pages. This information once acquired will not be used for other purposes. Hence, it shall ne be rented, sold or shared. We only use the demographic information that we acquired but only for internal market research only.


The text files that identify your computer to our server are called cookies. It does not identify the actual individual user but only the computer being used. Several websites likewise use this to be able to monitor the traffic.

Cookies record the pages of the site that has been visited by the computer and for how long. Any user can set their computers to accept cookies, received cookies anytime or to get notified when cookies are being used.

Future development

We might utilize your information for unanticipated uses, for new that are not previously disclosed in the privacy policy. When in any case, any information practice is changed later on; updates will be posted in this page.

You may want to check this page every once in a while to get familiar in how your information is being used.


We use the right security measures that can protect you from loss, alteration or misuse of any information obtained from you. 

Access of the information

You always have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information that MyEssayProf.com have. Requests of such information can cost you $35. With such request, we will give you the access to the information that we have about you. It is subject to the conditions of the Data Protection Act of 1998.