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Revision Policy

We are good at offering everything that has to do with writing. One major important thing that makes us good is the opportunities we provide to our customers. They are free to call in anytime to ask for the progress .In the midst of this constant communication, customers emerge with different instructions and requirements every time. Our writers are then required to revise the whole paper and make necessary changes according to new instructions. We therefore alter your paper and deliver it to you as requested.

Revising customer’s papers is something that we can not hesitate to do. Depending on the circumstances, customers can either pay for a revision or be granted free of charge. The following factors will enlighten you about revision policy and the right time to make a request.

Revision before approval

Once writers are done with the exercise, they send a copy to the customer for approval. The period of approval takes 7 days. Within this period, customers are free to request for a series of revisions to be done on their paper. One is not supposed to press the approval button but instead send the copy back to writer. Instructions and requirements should remain the same. We advice our customers to enjoy this offer and get a high quality paper.

Revision after approval

Request for revision after approval amounts to payment of extra amount. Usually we send a preview copy to students to read through then approve. If not perfect, they are to resend within 7 days. If the 7 days pass, revision is at a fee. Students need to carefully go through the paper before approval. Avoid any inconveniences and read our revision policy carefully.

Request for revision after the supervisor rejects the paper

In our terms of Agreement, it is clearly stated that we do not offer revisions after a paper is submitted to a supervisor. This is illegal and we as a company do not agree to be party to that. We do not carry revisions in such circumstances whether free or at a fee.

Revision request after change of instructions

Writing is our work and we will stop at nothing until our customers are satisfied. Revision request after change of instructions is done by our writers. However it is involving and therefore customers have to pay for it. This is a kind of revision that involves almost change of everything in a paper. Begin by placing a new order with the new instructions and requirements. This is to make it easier for writers to commence on fresh research.

Now that you are familiar with our revision policy, place your order. You have all the time to read and request for a revision for free. We will be delighted to go through your paper until you are satisfied. Its not a crime to forget an instruction, you can always count on us to rectify the problem. Do not worry about your professor when working with us. We are committed to providing nothing but the best.